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Let's Build a Better World for Caregiving


The founders of GIVATAR have a vision to ensure that every chronically ill individual has affordable and equitable access to 24/7 care. How is this possible in the face of a global shortage of caregiving, a rapidly aging populace, and the reliance on overworked loved ones for family caregiving? We believe that innovative technology can aid and supplement existing practices for care, and that the GIVATARx platform will become an important advancement for caregiving and patient wellness for years to come.

The motivation to create "the smartest AI in the caregiving industry" was born out of our founders' real-life desire to improve the care experiences for their own family members. This included ideas for better patient safety, immediate access to medication information, better ways to track daily wellness, and the advancement of wellness monitoring by the caregiver.

As a new startup with a promising team of technologists, medical professionals, AI specialists, business professionals, and advisors, we have the talent and the desire to make our vision a reality. We welcome input from all interested parties who may like to share insights and experiences related to caregiving and the solutions that we are developing. Thank you for your participation and support.

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